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Today: 28 january 2013
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Economic portrayal

Makeyevka is by right called an industrial pearl of the region. Up to 10% of the total industrial output of the region is due to work of enterprises of our city.
Coal industry and metallurgy cover over 90% of total amount of industrial output.
The chain 'coal, coke, metal' is the foundation for the enterprises, that are of greatest social and economic importance for the city, the biggest of which are state enterprise «Makeyevugol», open joint-stock company «Makeyevka Coke Plant», closed joint-stock company «Makeyekoks», open joint-stock company «Yasinovskiy Coke Plant», closed joint-stock company «Makeyevka Metallurgical Plant».
Economic, financial and scientific potential of the city is represented by more than 4000 enterprises, organizations and institutions of various types of property. Most of them introduce advanced technologies into their activities.
Presently, due to enhancement of social and industrial activity of the people, the city is persistently increasing industrial output, extending the area of investment and solving social problems.
Five factors of investment attraction of Makeyevka:
- convenient geographical location;
- minerals and fertile soils;
- access to markets of Eastern Europ and other regions;
- developed infrastructure;
- highly efficient labour force.
Financial infrastructure
The growth of economic potential of Makeyevka enterprises, active development of new business activities attract high interest to the city from the banking sphere.
The city banking is represented by afiliated and departments of different banks. Among them are «Oshchad-bank», «Dongorbank», «Ukrsotsbank», «Ukrainian Business Bank», «Nadra», bank «Finances and Credit», «Ukrsibbank», «Imex-Bank», «ProCreditBank», «Privatbank», «Pravexbank», «Kreditprombank», «Index bank», «Ukrprombank», «Agrobank», «Raiffaisen Bank Aval», «Rodovid Bank» and others.
Insurance service is provided by the afiliated of Donetsk JSCCT «ASKO», Makeyevka afiliated of Ukrainian «Oranta-Donbass» Insurance Commercial organization, OJSC IC «Speech & Co».
«Makeyevugol» State Enterprise
«Makeyevugol» state enterprise is the biggest enterprise in Ukraine.
Annual amount of ordinary coal mining is 3600 thousand tons. The holding comprises Bazhanov mine-management, 'Kholodnaya Balka' mine, Lenin mine, 'Butovskaya' mine, 'Chaikino' mine, Kirov mine-management, 'Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya' mine, 'Severnaya' mine, 15 auxiliary enterprises and institutions.
Products: coal of K, Zh, 0, S, G, T categories.
Contact: 2, Sovetskaya Square, Makeyevka, 86100
Tel.: (06232) 93212, 65040
Fax: (06232) 64600
«Makeyevka Metallurgical Plant» Closed Joint-Stock Company
The enterprise launched its activity in April 2005. «Makeyevka Metallurgical Plant» Closed Joint-Stock Company provides full-circle production.
Products: cast iron, steel, rolled ferrous metals, ready rolled metals.
Contacts: 47, ul. Metallurgicheskaya, Makeyevka, 86101
Tel.: (06232) 92301
Fax: (06232) 3320990
«Yasinovskiy Coke Plant» Open Joint-Stock Company
«Yasinovskiy Coke Plant» Open Joint-Stock Company was put into operation in 1953.
The plant includes: coal-preparation concentrating mill, 6 coke ovens with the output of 3.200 thousand ton per year, the sulphur catching and purification shop, the shop of raw benzol rectification using the method of hydration. The volume of output per year: Coke 6% humidity 1757 thousand tons, mineral fertilizers 4.8 thousand tons.
Production: Metallurgical coke, Coke of nut-size, Coke of small size, Coal pitch, Nitric fertilizers.
Contacts: 86110, Makeyevka, ul. 50-letiya obrazovaniya SSSR
Tel.: (06232) 98340
Fax: (0622) 3328278
Closed Joint-Stock Company «Makeyevcoke»
CJSC «Makeyevcoke» began its production in 2003. The volume of output per year: Coke 6% humidity - 1047 thousand tons, ammonium 100 per cent – 2.8 thousand tons.
Production: Coke for blast-furnace, coke of nut-size, coke of small size, electrode pitch.
Contacts: 86106, Makeyevka, ul. Gorkogo, 1
Tel.: (06232) 91669
Fax: (06232) 91422
Open Joint-Stock Company «Makeyevka Coke Plant»
Processes ordinary coal into coal concentrate. The volume of output per year: coal concentrate 896 thousand tons.
Production: Coal concentrate
Contacts: 86106, Makeyevka, ul. Gorkogo, 1
Tel.: (06232) 91699
Fax: (06232) 91422