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Today: 28 january 2013
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According to the Article 22 of the Law of Ukraine "On the local government in Ukraine" the territorial community of Makeyevka has its own symbols: a coat of arms and a flag which reflect the historical, cultural, socio-economic, and other local characteristics and traditions.

The symbols of the territorial community are used during state and national holidays, accordihg to the special instructions given by the authorities.

Description of the symbols

The coat of arms and the flag are approved at the Session of the City Council of Makeyevka on 20 April, 2000 by the decision of City Council.

The coat of arms is an official emblem of the city, a kind of legacy that is passed on from generation to generation connecting the past, present and future.

When creating the coat of arms of Makeyevka the Spanish shield was taken as a basis (on the Ukrainian Heraldic Society recommendation).

The shield is divided into 3 parts. The lower part represents a black field and two crossed gold hammers symbolizing coal industry as the main branch of industry. Besides, they are a symbol of historical past of the city, foundation of which is related to beginning of coal mining. The gold figures 1690 that are below two crossed hammers represent the year of the city foundation. The central part, which represents a gold stripe dividing the shield is a symbol of metallurgical industry of the city. The upper part represents a stylized picture of rising sun with six crescent-shaped rays embodying preservation of the spiritual traditions and city revival. The light blue field symbolizes fidelity, beauty and clarity.

The city crown pictured in the upper part of the coat of arms is a symbol of the city status, and a green ribbon intertwined with feather-grass chaplet with gold inscription MAKEYEVKA is a symbol of the steppe nature of the region.

The flag of Makeyevka is a symbol of the city self-government; it reflects the history and traditions of the city.

The flag of the city represents a light blue rectangularcloth in the upper left corner of which is Donetsk region flag showing the regional subordination of Makeyevka to Donetsk region. Four stars in a white border are the main aspects of the city life: a black star- coal industry, a gold star- metallurgical industry, a green star- wealth of nature of the region, and a silver star- spiritual traditions.