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Today: 28 january 2013
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Makeyevka is proud of...

Makeyevka is the city of the miners, metallurgists, scientists, students, the motherland of 60 Heroes of the Soviet Union and 40 Heroes of Socialist Labour.
The famous citizens of Makeyevka are:
Dmitriy ILOVAYSKIY is the founder of the city industry, the Cossack ataman.
Alexander KHANZHONKOV is the founder of the world cinematography, the head of the first Russian cinema enterprise.
Roman RUDENKO, the Hero of Socialist Labour (1972). In 1945-1946 he was the chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg process of the main war criminals. Was participant and an organizer of a number of the international congresses and conferences on the struggle against Nazism and militarism.
Yefim SLAVSKY was one of the organizers and the scientists, who, together with I.V. Kurchatov, began working on the creation of nuclear weapons and nuclear industry of the USSR. Slavsky was the Minister of the machine-building industry for 30 years, he's twice the Hero of the Socialist Labour, the cavalier of 10 Lenin Rewards, the laureate of the State and Lenin prizes.
Igor SERGEYEV, the Hero of Russia, the Minister of Defence of Russian Federation (1997-2001). He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the Red Banner and the Order of the Red Star.