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Today: 28 january 2013
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Makeyevka looks ahead

The system of preschool education comprises 82 kindergartens with 24 special and recreation groups where more than a thousand children are educated and obtain necessary medical treatment. 146 groups give children an opportunity to acquire knowledge in the field of refined arts, aesthetics, ecology, humanities.
The schoolchildren of Makeyevka get general and secondary education at 1 private and 75 state schools. There are 3 lyceums and 1 gymnasium in the city for gifted children. «Schools of young mathematicians and philologists» under the guidance and supervision of Donetsk National University successfully work at 5 secondary comprehensive schools of the city.
Makeyevka polytechnical college, Makeyevka metallurgical technical school, Makeyevka mining lyceum, vocational building school, vocational metallurgical lyceum, vocational lyceum of municipal facilities and services, electrotechnical lyceum, higher vocational school, sphere of services vocational school, Makeyevka vocational building lyceum named after Bachurin, Makeyevka vocational lyceum, medical and pedagogical schools ensure professional training.
Health protection
31 medical disease-prevention institutions give medical aid to the inhabitants of the city.
The structure of the health service system includes 11 local hospitals: 2 child hospitals, 1 hospital for treatment of mental diseases, 4 centres for treatment of dermatologic, venereal, tubercular, endocrinalogic diseases and drug addicts, 4 policlinics (the policlinic for medical examination, the central policlinic, the centre of rehabilitation, the family centre), 6 dental surgeries, with one for children, inclusive.
Besides the city has the first-aid station with 5 substations, the dissecting theatre, the Health Centre, the Centre of medical statistics, information and automatic control systems.
There are 28 clubs and palaces of culture in Makeyevka, 153 libraries, 1 museum of Region Studies, 3 parks of culture, the theatre for young spectators, 3 cinemahouses, 6 elementary artschools, 107 historical monuments in the city.
The most popular holidays and actions
The Day of the city
On the last Sunday of August Makeyevka celebrates the Day of the city which symbolically coincides with the professional holiday of representatives of the most numerous category of workers in the city - the Miner's Day. Traditionally this day is a joyful holiday uniting all the citizens.
«Makeyevskaya Vesna» («Spring in Makeyevka»)
«Makeyevskaya Vesna» is an annual local event symbolizing success in various spheres of activities of working, scientific and creative teams of the city. «The Spring» is the landmark in the life of people and enterprises that inspires people to achieve new victories and to upgrade their results.
Khanzhonkov Days in his homeland
Annually at the beginning of August the unique cultural event «Khanzhonkov Days on his motherland» takes place in Makeyevka to pay a tribute of respect to one of the most outstanding fellow-citizen, the founder of the world cinematography, Alexander Khanzhonkov. Traditionally Makeyevka welcomes Ukrainian and Russian filmstars. This action is supported by Khanzhonkov House in Moscow.

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